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Note: I stopped working at HUJI in February 2002 and since then I ceased to develop these tools.
If you have any questions about them, please email me.


Here you can find all the software tools and programs that I have developed for the computation authority at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. We use them in our labs to make life easier for us and the students. Most things I wrote because I didn't find something similar on the Web or because what I found wasn't good enough for me or simply not freeware. Most programs are written for the MS Win32 platform (95++, NT 4++), others for Novell Netware and Linux. Most Perl programs should run on any supported Perl platform, though I use them mostly on Linux.

Everything you can download from this site is 100 % freeware. Please download, use and enjoy all programs. I like privacy myself and that's why I don't ask you to fill out some silly "registration form" before you can download the software. Nevertheless I would like to receive some feedback on the programs and invite you to send me an email letter about your usage of my programs, what you like, don't like, suggestions or simply "Thank You, I was looking for this for ages !" since this will make me feel better and that I am doing something useful also for others and surely increase my wish to write more programs :-)

The programs are divided into 4 groups:

Stand-alone programs that do something (many of them come to fulfill some function I know from Linux and miss very much on Windows) and don't need anything special

Novell Netware (NDS) aware programs that need NDS for their work and are mostly Network and End-user related

Novell ZENWorks aware applications. They need not only NDS but also make only sense when you use Z.E.N.

Linux related work. Everything from mini servers to desktop tools using Linux.

I always try to write programs that are small and independent and many programs do only some small piece of work and rely on other programs to do something else (E.g. my DiskFree program simply runs another program to do whatever instead of producing a message). This guarantees me the most flexibility in combining everything as needed and expanding by additional (small and simple) programs as needed. (To Unix people this attitude should come natural :-)

Most programs are written in Delphi 3, 4 and 5, some also in C. The source code is not included, I suggest you to contact me by email if you are interested in the sources (The source code is available free of charge). Most Novell aware programs use Jim Tyson's great NWLib (a set of Netware libraries for Delphi), more info on http://www.devont.com/, some use the Novell ActiveX controls.

Over the time I also wrote some technical and strategical papers on computer lab installation and network administration. Please feel free to adapt and improve my ideas.

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